BUDALU is a 100% Hungarian-owned company engaged in the production and sale of aluminum doors and windows in Pest County, with a site in Nagytarcsa, right next to the M0 motorway. With many years of professional experience and forward-looking, youthful momentum, we try to find a solution to any question, plan or problem related to aluminum and plastic doors and windows, shielding technology or glass railings. We are also at your disposal in the preliminary design phase so that we can welcome you among our satisfied customers after production and execution.


Due to the different functional, aesthetic, static, energetic and other requirements, the production of facade doors and windows starts first next to the design table. In accordance with the customer’s needs and the various architectural trends, we communicate with the designer and our customer to select the perfect solution in each case, taking into account all criteria. Thus, during production and construction, we cannot encounter any problems that would hinder the work or force a compromise in connection with the construction of the given building. Using our experience and production technology resources, we are available even at the design stage of the building.


Our modern production hall, state-of-the-art machinery and our trained, continuously trained colleagues are the basic conditions for the high quality expectations we set for ourselves. We always require class I raw materials of impeccable quality from our reliable suppliers, and at the same time we always comply with the production technology requirements prescribed by them. Our unique developments allow us to make ideas that are special or not acceptable to other manufacturers come true. Typically, this is a demand for extra size and / or weight entrance doors, sliding doors, curtain walls.


Following the design and production, our permanent construction specialists will install the completed door and window structures, taking into account the wall connections, junctions and technical regulations agreed with the architects. We will take care of the transport, installation aids and, if necessary, any other architectural elements that will help the work of other disciplines during the construction of the building, if necessary.
We provide our resellers with unique solutions in both production and service. For more detailed information, contact us at one of our contact details in the CONTACT menu.


Whatever our product you choose, you can be sure that you are choosing quality. Find out and if you can’t find the answer to all your questions, contact us at one of our contact details in the CONTACT menu!